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WABO’s Emergency Management committee has been working since 2011 to help establish Washington State’s building safety responder program. Through their efforts WAsafe (WAshington Safety Assessment of Facilities Evaluators) was formed. WAsafe  is a coalition comprised of WABO, SEAW, AIA Washington, and ASCE - Seattle Section whose mission is to train, enroll, and aid in the dispatch of volunteer building safety evaluators to help local building officials in Washington respond to disasters.

Through a historic cooperative effort between Washington State Emergency Management Division (EMD) and WAsafe a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been established. The MOU formally recognizes WAsafe as a resource the State will call upon to send volunteers to areas / jurisdictions affected by disasters. The MOU also establishes EMD’s central role in coordination of distribution of resources (volunteers) and WAsafe’s responsibility to maintain emergency response coordinators and continued training for agencies and WAsafe volunteers.

 WAsafe - EMD Memorandum of Understanding

Interested in joining a network of professionals trained as WAsafe volunteers, ready to respond to communities in need across the state?
For details on how to enroll as a WAsafe volunteer and to see minimum qualifications, please view Registration Procedures Tab below.

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