Code officials safeguard the public health and safety through the development, enforcement, and administration of Washington State building construction codes and standards adopted by the State Building Code Council, and ordinances at the county, city, and town level. As employers and employees, our unified goal is to lead the way to excellence in building and life safety.


Promote the effective administration of construction codes in Washington State by supporting the development of professional administrative, technical, and customer services skills for permit technicians, building inspectors, and plans examiners

  • Attract and retain entry level code officials that reflect the diversity of our communities

  • Improve proficiency in technical, customer service, and administrative skills

  • Establish a baseline of professional competency for public service staff

  • Develop and grow a pool of qualified and experienced Code Official professionals


To validate Code Officials of Washington on their character, values, education, credentials, involvement and technical knowledge of the laws related to state adopted building codes including, but not limited to, administrative procedures, architectural barriers, and Washington amendments to the administrative codes

  • Establish a recognized and respected State level credential

  • Develop a standard of State recognition

  • Foster Code Officials within the State

  • Validation of Accredited State Code Officials